My Current Makeup Look (Winter into Spring)

ruth crilly model beauty blogger

I didn’t have a clue what to call this makeup look, so I went with something yawn-inducingly generic. Sorry. But I do love this little routine I’ve got going with the slightly sultry, metallic eye and the pretty flush of pink on the cheeks. And I absolutely can’t get enough of my current skin perfecting dynamic duo; Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow skin illuminator paired with the Light Wonder Foundation. So silky smooth, so radiant. I’m turning to this combination almost daily, at the moment.

ruth crilly no makeup before shot

And there’s a third Tilbury product, too: the Retoucher concealer, which is almost like a concealer/illuminator hybrid. It blends in seamlessly and doesn’t have any annoying downsides, such as sinking into fine lines or looking cakey. I’m very impressed with it. I use it on my undereyes, over the top of my foundation and then I also pat a bit onto my lids as a shadow base. I just find that it makes the shadows that I apply on top a little more vibrant and luminous.

ruth crilly makeup beauty blogger

The focal point for this look is the smokey eye: I conjured this up after watching one of Charlotte’s online tutorials and feeling inspired to go for the glam. (That’s actually why I ended up using quite a few of her products, too – I was trying to follow the tutorial to the letter but couldn’t find the right shadow palette, lipstick or bronzer. Hence the swap-ins.) The Body Shop Shimmer Cube shadows that I used are gorgeous but with the most frustrating packaging in the world. Oh my God! Why have they been designed in this way? You open up the larger container (with an annoying, impractical lid) to find four smaller cubes, each with an annoying, impractical lid! Just stick the shades into a normal palette already! Then it would be perfection!

spring makeup trends

Anyway, once I’d had a bit of a cry and taken all of the little lids off, packing the underneath of my fingernails with chunks of shimmery shadow and getting the stuff all over my white desk, I used the lightest two shades all over my eyelids and then the reddish-bronze over the top, towards the outer half of the lids. I am completely smitten with the reddish shade, it’s simply marvellous. Watch the video (below) to see how it intensifies blue eyes – you already know how much I like these reddish tones, but this one is spot-on.

ruth crilly makeup beauty blogger

I then took the darkest shadow and blended it along the outer part of the eye socket (I used a Zoeva Petit Crease brush to apply and then a clean Smashbox brush to buff and blend) and then took a little along the lashline, top and bottom, in a kind of V-shape.

ruth crilly model beauty blogger

I must say, I did far more blending and buffing than usual, probably because I had been watching Charlotte’s video and I had a makeup “goal” in mind. It’s always easier to do your makeup, I think, if you have some kind of vision in your head as to how it’s all going to turn out. My worst makeup mistakes are usually made when I have no idea how I want something to look..

I fell back on my old trusty mascara for this look – L’Oreal Telescopic – and even touched a little onto the bottom lashes. I also used an eyeliner all the way around my waterline, which is unusual for me because I’m often wary that it can be quite ageing. However – and this is important – I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to actually use a sharpened eyeliner pencil. You get a beautiful fine line that complements the smokiness of the shadow, rather than a blodgy mess that makes the eyes look misshapen and saggy at the corners. I used an Urban Decay pencil (still one of the best for longevity, I find) and I went for a lively brown shade called Bourbon. (Links to all products below.)

ysl gloss volupte 19

Lips were finished off with a gloss, because it was to hand and I wanted to test it out. It’s one of the new Gloss Volupté shades from YSL, shade 19. I think possibly a bit too pink and shiny for this look, but I’m never too bothered about messing up with lips – it’s so easy to do a quick change. You can try on a million different shades, if you like, it’s no big deal. Eyes on the other hand…

Right. Onwards and upwards with the week – I hope that you enjoy the video. I’ve worked out a nice set-up in my beauty room, now, for doing these close-up makeup try-on sessions, so there should be more coming your way soon. If you’re on email then please click here to watch the video, otherwise scroll on down the page and press play. Note to regular readers: this is not my “Brit Awards” look – that will be with you later on this week. Also, question: do you like a lengthier written post to accompany the makeup video? With photos? I usually don’t bother, but I thought that it might be nice to cater for those who don’t want to have to watch a video or who are trying to read this on the London Underground with no internet connection…

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow:

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation in 4:

CT The Retoucher Concealer:

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer Shade 3:

The Body Shop Eye Shimmer Cube Palette – you have to get mine, shade 30, instore I think, but “06 Warm” looks even better than mine!!

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara:

Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Bourbon: – (get 18% off with code SAVE18 until midnight on the 18th Feb.)

YSL Gloss Volupte Shade 19:

CT Blush in “Love is the Drug”:

The tutorial that I was watching was on Charlotte’s channel here.

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