St Tropez Gradual Tanner Review

The latest gradual tanner to be subjected to my extensive testing process: St Tropez’s Everyday Moisturiser in Medium-Dark. This one comes with a caution, because I do find it very, very strong – if you get it wrong then it can streak or stain. This could be because I’m using the dark version rather than the light, but I have employed an extra tester with darker skin who had a similar mishap when she applied it without concentrating!

Now for me, the whole point of gradual tanners is that they’re foolproof, but I think for them to be foolproof, you still need to go through the same safety measures as you would with a fake tan. Exfoliate, especially dry patches on knees and feet and elbows. Put a little extra moisturiser (un-tinted) on the dry patches a few minutes before the gradual tanner. Make sure that you rub the gradual tanner in properly and wash your hands LOADS after application! If you follow the rules, you should get a glowy tint the following day. Or the same day in the case of this St Tropez! I saw a difference within a few hours.

I did have a few slip-ups with streaks on my lower legs and feet, but I had applied the lotion quite haphazardly – when done properly, it gives a really convincing, sexy tan. Tester 2 also gave this gradual tanner a big thumbs up! If you’re at all worried about patchiness, just make sure that you apply this to every little bit of skin – if you miss bits out it’ll look patchy, but it won’t matter if you go over the same area twice!

I get a little bit of that “tan” scent from this, but nothing distracting. There was also no transfer onto clothes or bedsheets – mind you, I did do my “tan dance” around the house for a bit before I went to bed! A few lunges and so on, just to speed up the drying process.

Sorry for that image there.

St Tropez Gradual Tan is £12.15 with free delivery from

FYI: St Tropez are on tour around the UK this summer. They are visiting Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin with a pop-up fake-tan paradise – expect complimentary beauty treatments and bespoke tanning services. For dates and more information, have a look at their Facebook Page.

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