StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate

StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate Ages ago, (April, was it?) StriVectin challenged me to test out their miracle anti-wrinkle cream and give an honest review, and I agreed. I then made a nice video of my face, close-up, and promised that in six weeks I would report back with my findings. If you want to read that original ‘challenge’ post then you can do so here: StriVectin Challenge Post with Super-Duper Video Demonstration 

You may be looking at the date on the first post and thinking,

hang on a little second here. I may not be the Rain Man when it comes to dates, but stick my head in the blender if that wasn’t written more than six weeks ago!”

 Or something along those lines. You’d be right, of course – it’s been months! Do you know why? It’s my typical reason for not getting around to posting about something for ages, and it’s because I love it so much! I use it at least once a day and I have two tubes on the go – one permanently in the top drawer of my desk and one next to the bed. Two of my nearest and dearest have been out and bought it and they love it too – it’s most definitely one of my top eye treatments.

I started off testing the StriVectin-SD, which many of you will remember for the huge publicity drive when it was first released. Something along the lines of ‘better than Botox’ or similar, if I remember correctly. Because I wanted to test the cream around the eye area, though, StriVectin advised that I switch to the dedicated eye cream, as the other contains Peppermint Oil. (You can probably guess why you don’t want that near your eyes, although I must say that I used it twice daily for two weeks on my eye area without a problem.) I had already been using the eye cream on and off (if you type it into the search box you’ll see it pop up in videos posted nearly a year ago) but I had never used it ‘religiously’ and the challenge gave me the opportunity to test something out extensively.

I can’t fault StriVectin’s eye concentrate. The texture is lovely – amazing on dry, crepey skin (I have been told) and equally lovely on normal skin. Not too rich, but heavy enough to really tackle dryness. The ingredients list is pretty impressive – loads of great moisturisers and a few anti-oxidants thrown in for good measure, it’s just a really comprehensive cream without any unnecessary frills and fragrances. (Though I do love a fragrance in pretty much everything, which is naughty.)

Results: I most definitely notice a visible difference around the eye area when I stop using the cream. It just looks…older. I’m by no means saying that StriVectin can rid you of your lines – you’d need the real Botox for that! (eek) – but this cream does smooth out the skin, keeping it hydrated and bright.

Analogy alert: imagine you have a silk shirt. It’s getting old – there are a few tears and stains on it, but you still have to wear it everyday. If you wear it creased and unwashed, it’ll look terrible – if you can iron out a few creases and freshen it up a bit, it’ll look more presentable. StriVectin is basically the equivalent of an expert dry-cleaner – you’re still wearing the same shirt, but it looks a hell of a lot better. (You can shoot me for that analogy, if you like. It’s my most nonsensical yet.)

I’m now on StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate #2, and almost out of that one. It’s one of those products that make you semi-panic when you start to run out! It costs £49, but you get 30ml, so twice the amount that’s in a standard eye cream. So, for the sake of comparison, it’s about £25 – not at all bad, in my opinion. You can find it at Space NK.

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