Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water

Sukin Micellar Water Review

I completely forgot to include the Micellar Cleansing Water from Sukin in my Current Beauty Favourites: a huge oversight, because I actually use this quite regularly. I use micellars in general quite regularly, thinking about it, whether it’s to remove a bit of my makeup pre-cleansing, as in with a balm or oil or cream, or to have a very speedy once-over in the morning when I’m running short of time. A micellar cleanser is a water with tiny droplets of oily cleanser suspended in it, just in case you were wondering; the oil attracts the dirt and then it’s all wiped away, which isn’t as ideal a situation – in my opinion – as breaking down the dirt with oils and then rinsing away, but it’s convenient if you’re not near running water. Or short of time.

So I definitely don’t think that a micellar water can (or should) replace a proper cleanse, one with a washcloth and warm water, but it’s bloody useful when you’ve only got thirty seconds to do your entire beauty routine! They can also be nice and gentle as a final “clean sweep” over your skin once you’ve done a proper wash – if you’re not in the bath and are trying to be careful with your face-splashing then sometimes bits get missed, I find, especially around the hairline and under the chin…

Anyway, the one from Australian natural beauty brand Sukin is lovely and soothing, but surprisingly deft at cutting through makeup. Even a mild bit of eye makeup, so long as it’s nothing too rubbery or claggy. It contains cucumber, aloe vera and chamomile and has a very refreshing feel, but doesn’t leave skin dry or tight. I’ve been really impressed and put it to the ultimate test the other day: I made it the “Duty Cleanser” during one of my crazy makeup-trying-on sessions. Four foundations and nine lipstick changes later… No soreness whatsoever and I didn’t have to rub at my face like a woman possessed.

You can find the Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water at Boots here* – it’s £7.95. Sukin seems to be quite a lovely brand – their tagline is Beauty Shouldn’t Cost The Earth, and they are vegan and 100% carbon neutral. I have a few more bits to try, so I’ll keep you updated.

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