Summer Dressing: Let the Sales Madness Begin!

I went a bit crazy on Monica & Joe this week and wanted to show you what I picked out. I daren’t even go back to the site because every time I do, another item gets added to my basket! Summer sales are my favourite shopping time of the year – because I have reasonably expensive tastes, it makes sense for me to wait until the sales are on and then splurge. There’s nothing more satisfying, shopping-wise, than seeing something you’ve lusted over chopped down to a price that you can justify paying.

So here we go. Item number one, pictured above, is a gorgeous coral and tan dress from a designer called Sarah Wayne. (Link to item is here.) So, so flattering, it looks like a cute summery skirt and sexy tan vest top but it’s all-in-one. Ideal! The white waistband really gives it a fresh, clean look – this is the perfect “any occasion dress”, I think. You could smarten it up for a wedding or stick on some flip flops and head down to the beach. I got this one for £49, reduced from £99! Sarah Wayne Dress

Item two, staying with the coral theme, is a beautiful blouse from Cacharel.

I really like how they’ve styled this on the website, tucked into a skirt, and I will probably wear this with my Whistles Skater Skirt over the summer, but for my photos I paired it with my white jeans. Mainly because I struggle to find things to go with my white jeans, but I think that the coral looks lovely and summery against white. The cut of the blouse is gorgeous and the buttons at the front are placed perfectly to show off just the right amount of chest. Don’t you hate it when the buttons are wrong, and you either show too much boob or you look too prim? This blouse was reduced to £76.50, I think it started off at nearly £200, so a nice saving there! Cacharel Blouse Page

Next, a very simple but extremely useful tee from 2nd Day.

I’m quite particular about my T-shirts – I like them to drape well and not be too fitted around the tummy. Nothing makes a tummy look rounder than a cheap, badly fitted T-shirt! (OK, there are some things: cheap bodycon “bandage” dresses, for one!) This one from 2nd Day is brilliant: soft, loose in all of the right places, fitted where it needs to be around the shoulders and bust. I don’t think they had some sizes left in this, but there were some other gorgeous styles from 2nd Day available. I’ll definitely be stocking up on a few more before the sales are over! This one was £41.30: 2nd Day Tee Page

Finally, a Cacharel V-neck sweater in quite a shocking lime green colour! When my Mum saw this she visibly blanched, but I did try it on at 8am with no makeup on and still wearing my stripy pyjama bottoms! It looks great so long as you have some colour in your skin – I’ll admit that it’s not the easiest shade to pull off, but check it out with the white jeans in the picture below! (If you don’t get distracted by the cat, that is…)

The sweater is really lightweight and perfect for our temperamental British summertime. My tip for styling this colour: don’t wear it with black, it’ll look dated. Stick to a neutral colour on the bottom, or white – I think that white is the best, personally. It keeps the lime shade from looking sludgy and just gives a really crisp finish to the outfit. The Cacharel Sweater in Anis is here.

What do you think? Any favourites? Let me know if you’ve spotted any other bargains – I’m always open to suggestions!

Monica & Joe

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