My Perfect Garden Party Shoes

ruth crilly summer shoes

I tend to get through most of the summer scuffing about in flip-flops, but I have a couple of “outdoorsy” garden party things to attend this year and so I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of shoes. They needed to be wedges because stiletto heels are absolutely useless for walking over a) lawns and b) decking. They also needed to be high-ish, but not so high that I might pop a kneecap if I lost my balance. I wanted brown, beige or neutral-ish colours because I imagined a bit of a seventies vibe about the whole affair, and I didn’t want to spend too much because inevitably these would be shoes that would be worn a few times and then get stuck at the back of the wardrobe indefinitely.

And then I found these in Topshop: the Wish Buckle Espadrilles. If ever a product name was going to put me off it would be this – I have a funny hangup about the word “buckle” and “wish” is something a five year old would come up with -but they are suitable nonetheless. Perfectly seventies, not so difficult to walk in and relatively purse-friendly at £42. Sorry about the rough and ready photo – you can obviously see better and clearer ones online at Topshop – but I had to make do with six o’clock lighting and a laminate floor. (Roll on house renovations.) The Wish wedges come in a few different colours; I chose tan because they match the outfits I have in mind, but I really like the pastel colours too. You can find the whole selection here.

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