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chanel rouge coco arthur

Many of you will know that I make videos for the brilliant Beauty Recommended* channel – lots of you follow it and comment and ask questions, which is great. I very much enjoy the challenges I get set and creating my filmed responses to viewers’ beauty questions, but my favourite so far has been the Summer Lip Trends video, which went live just before I went into hospital to have Baby AMR. I went through a bit of a manic lipstick phase a couple of months ago, trying dozens and dozens of new shades and formulas and photographing them for posterity – doing a summer lipstick shade roundup video just seemed like a natural progression!

max factor lipstick ruby tuesday

For my Beauty Recommended video I was asked by viewers to advise on the hottest summer lip shades but also provide a few alternatives in terms of textures and budget. So we have three main lip colours (hot red, beachy coral and the classic, summertime nude) and a few different options if you’re looking for a more sheer finish for a natural summer makeup look, or perhaps a more affordable alternative to the luxury lipstick shades.

I don’t want to spoil the video, but I’ve included a few little teaser photos just so you know what you’re in for! At the very top we have Chanel’s Rouge Coco in “Arthur” and below it, an incredibly good dupe, Max Factor’s “Ruby Tuesday”. (Actually it can’t be a dupe, because Ruby Tuesday has been about for aeons whereas Arthur is brand new, but you get where I’m coming from. Both are great, vibrant long lasting lipsticks.) Here’s my top pick for the coral contingency:

lola minx lipstick

LOLA Cosmetics’ “Minx” – an opaque, matte neon-peach. There’s a more sheer and wearable alternative for that one, too, if you watch the vid – and then a luxury nude lipstick with an affordable twin. The video is below, but if you’d like to click through and subscribe to the Beauty Recommended channel then you can do so here. There’s a new video every week so please feel free to suggest things that you’d like to see in the future – you can also tweet your questions or requests by using the hashtag #BeautyQs.

*this post is sponsored as part of my work with the BeautyRecommended channel. BeautyRecommended is brought to you by Proctor & Gamble.

You can find the Beauty Recommended homepage here – do subscribe – and the Lipstick post is here.

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