Sun Verbena – Summer Body Sorted!

Sun Verbena Protective Body Lotion SPF15

I absolutely adore l”Occitane’s new limited edition Sun Verbena range – they have two new products that I think are particularly amazing. The first is a silky body lotion, fragranced with the beautifully fresh Sun Verbena scent – different to the usual body lotion because it’s SPF15! Now, I’m not recommending that you use the lotion as an actual suncream and wear it to the beach all day long but I think just for everyday use it’s a great product. If you’re not in a sizzling hot country and you just want to protect your arms and legs as you about your business, then this will be perfect!

Sun Verbena Protective Body Lotion SPF15

Even better still, in my opinion, is the ‘Milky Fragrance Mist’. Perfect as a very light aftersun, it’s so gentle that you can just spray the fine moisturising liquid all over before dressing – it absorbs quickly and any excess moisture can be rubbed in in a matter of seconds. It’s a beautiful way to wear fragrance, and also very handy if you want to wear perfume in the heat but don’t want to irritate your skin – the mist is alcohol free so is safe to use even in very hot sun.

Two brilliant summer body products from l’Occitane – they’re only available until August as they’re limited edition – you can see more details here: L’OCCITANE SUN VERBENA

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