Sunday Tittle Tattle: Special Lipsticks and a Novel Mention

max factor lipsticks

1) Winners of the Max Factor lipsticks (limited edition! Only three five made! By me!) are: Tessa (Tbblogger), Catriona May and Grace (grace084). And because Max Factor sent me a grand total of FIVE Cherry on the Top lipsticks, I am happy to announce that there are two bonus winners, Emma Bradford (emma_loub) and “debzcm911”! You should all have received an email from me – please check spam if you can’t see it.

novel a model recommends

2) Oh hello: one very kind reader alerted me to the fact that I’m mentioned in the new Penny Vincenzi novel, A Perfect Heritage. I feel quite proud to see the words  “A Model Recommends” written in a novel, even if I would never say the word “yummy”. Not on your life! You can find the book online here – it’s a bit of a whopper, I almost strained my back heaving it up onto the bookshelf. I’m going to have a proper read once I finish The Cuckoo’s Calling, which I’m very much enjoying, by the way. You can find A Perfect Heritage online here.

dexter cockapoo with ruth crilly model

3) Pets: above, we have a very excited Dexter and Ruth. I got home from a job and Dexter bounded all over me. It’s nice to be appreciated! Below, we have a very morose Mr Bear. He was sat on one of the tables in my beauty room, surveying the chaos. More pet pics on Instagram.

mr bear the grumpy british shorthair

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