Sunday Tittle Tattle

Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks…

1) First dibs on the Cult Beauty sale for A Model Recommends readers. Up to 40% off! It doesn’t officially open until 10am, so all the best bits will still be there! I can’t see in advance what’s up for grabs, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be some Murad and some NuBo, so… handbags and elbows ready! Cult Beauty Sale

2) The Autumn Newsletter goes out in about five hours time – last chance to sign up should you have missed earlier warnings! The reason I’ve mentioned it a few times is that for the summer edition, there were about 1200 people who signed up IN THE THREE HOURS AFTER IT HAD BEEN SENT OUT! I then had to pay all over again to re-send to the second mailing list. So…. Sign-up box is below should you need it!

3) Halloween. Doing anything nice? I’m thinking of just standing very still in front of my window with my palms to the glass, Woman in Black stylee.

4) Have you actually SEEN the Diorling nail polish from Dior? Or, in fact, anything from the new, limited edition Grand Bal range? Here:

or, here?:

It’s a beautiful, beautiful collection. Dior are really doing it for me this year – their Golden Jungle collection for this autumn was brilliant. You can see all of the Grand Bal products (lipsticks, polishes, palettes, false lashes) here at Selfridges.

5) Caudalie Mini Giveaway Winners: Meepster, Linee14, Nita Bach, Michele Carlin and Kat Kennedy. Well done, hopefully that’ll be “grape” news for you. (Hohoho.) If you haven’t had an email, check your spam box!

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