Sunday Tittle Tattle

gap voucher code

1) Codes, codes, codes. It’s obviously getting nearer to Christmas because my inbox has been flooded with voucher codes and store coupon deals. Nice one for GAP, here, though, 30% off everything. I was going to buy a cool twill white shirt and the flannel one (above) last week but the queue was too long – now I’ve made a little saving! Which is fortunate, because I seem to have been a bit overenthusiastic with the old AMEX card this month. Code is here – you can also get a print-off version from this page to take into store. It runs out on the 19th though – sorry, only just noticed it in my junk mail!

2) Code 2; this time for The Body Shop. £5 off if you spend over £15, £10 off if you spend over £25 and £25 off if you spend £50. Not bad, not bad. Codes are on the homepage, I think it runs out at 12 noon on Monday. The Body Shop

3) Code 3 gets you 20% off your order at Monsoon; offer ends today. Use CHRISTMAS2012 here.

Right, that’s enough of codes for today! This post has made me realise that I’ve probably been doing a little too much online shopping. Mind you, I made two orders at ASOS last week and sent everything back because it wasn’t quite right. I thought that was very disciplined of me. Normally I’d keep hold of at least one thing because otherwise I feel as though the whole process has been a waste of time. And that, Dear Readers, is how you end up with something called a “One Day I’ll Wear It” drawer.

4) I have been giving the NUDE Miracle Mask a go this week. Maybe a little prematurely after all that has been going on with my skin (see acne and breakout update post) but I was itching to try it! It’s pretty powerful stuff, actually – not only is it an AHA exfoliant, it has tiny little micro-beads that have a scrubbing action. You massage it in, leave for five minutes and rinse off, so it’s the perfect kind of product for a pre-party beauty session if you’re a little short of time – it left my skin absolutely soft as Mr Bear’s pawpads! You need very little of this to treat the whole face because it gets massaged in – it’s not one of those “apply in thick layer” kind of masks… All good so far. I’ll review it properly in a few weeks! £38 with free worldwide delivery at

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