Sunday Tittle Tattle

Mr Bear in the snow

Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks..

The first Sunday Tittle Tattle of the new year and as I write this (on Friday) the snow is falling really quite heavily outside my window. I’m hoping that I get snowed in, but not until I’ve been up to Waitrose and stocked up on nice things to eat! The cat, Mr Bear, has just had his first taste of snow. Quite literally – he hasn’t stopped eating it, the funny little sausage.

I’m feeling incredibly positive about 2013 and my new No-Stress programme (tell you about that soon) is going well. I haven’t had a single spot since mid-December and my itchy scalp has also miraculously cleared up! (Don’t think I told you about the scalp…)

Anyway, on with this week’s news…

Alber Elbaz Lancome Makeup Collection

1) Exciting collaboration coming up this summer; Lancome with fashion figure extraordinaire, Alber Elbaz. (He of Lanvin fame. If this means nothing to you, just think amazing, chic, incredibly expensive clothes.) I like this man, he has a good sense of humour. Have a look at the video campaign for Lanvin 2011/12 at the bottom of the page…

 Can’t wait to see what he comes up with for a makeup collection! It launches in mid-June, I’ll keep you posted.

Dexter Poster

2) Another new TV addiction: Dexter. Late to the party with this one, I know, but still. For anyone who doesn’t know what Dexter is, it’s a TV series about a serial killer called – wait for it – Dexter. It’s quite gory, but he only kills people who deserve it – usually other serial killers. Some confusing morals going on there, but it’s very entertaining! Mr AMR and I have been watching it until 3am every morning which means that we haven’t even got over our jet-lag yet! We’ve been watching it on Netflix – I did the free trial, but I’ll probably carry on with my subscription as I quite like being able to watch things at my own pace at a time that’s convenient. I’d get one of those Sky boxes but fear I’d become an absolute TV junkie. After years of watching only a few hours a week, I’m becoming quite enamoured with channel-surfing and snuggling up on the couch. All part of my new stress-free regime…

ruth crilly a model recommends

3) There’s quite a good sale on at Hush. Do you remember the cardigan coat that I wore (am still wearing) to death? That’s in the sale! It’s down from £170 to £100 and there are loads of brilliant jumpers and pyjama bottoms and other bits and pieces starting at about £5. I’m on a self-imposed spending ban until next week  but I’ve got my eye on a few good basics. I can highly recommend the “Sophie” top, it’s so flattering. I have it in black, which isn’t in the sale, but I think I’ll pick one up in white too. Pink’s not my colour but will look very, very pretty on people with the right hair colour and skin tone! I also love the “Goldie” jumpers with the chunky fisherman-style knit… Ban might have to be temporarily lifted… Hush Website

4) Moisturising Jeans. What do we think of that then? This week Vogue reported that Wrangler would be launching a new range of moisturising jeans – choose from Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and “Smooth Legs” which aim to prevent cellulite. Can you imagine how my face looks at this exact moment in time? Imagine someone eating a slice of pineapple with the skin left on and you’ll get an inkling as to my expression. As someone who can’t abide putting jeans on straight after body lotion, the idea of body lotion inside my jeans is abhorrent to me. I shall try and get hold of some, however, and give you a totally unbiased and sensible review. At £85 they’re not any more expensive, really, than regular mid-price jeans, so if they look nice I can live with the baloney… Read the full report on Vogue here.

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