Sunday Tittle Tattle

Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks…

1) I am seriously addicted to Dexter now. (See last week’s Tittle Tattle.) The other day I thought to myself, “who shall I ring and chat to?” and the first person that popped into my head was Dexter’s sister, Debs! She doesn’t even exist, she’s a fictional character! That’s how immersed I am in the world of righteous serial killings. If you haven’t watched it and are looking for a new time-drainer, stream it from Netflix. It’s fab.

mr bear british shorthair cat

2) Apologies to anyone following me on Instagram (you can follow here if you’re not and want to be, although do read the rest of this paragraph first!). My pictures recently have been a little bit “Mr Bear Heavy” and by that I mean that I have been posting far too many photos of him, not that he’s heavy. Though he is very heavy as well, but that’s not the point… Anyway, I am making an effort to do more beauty pics next week and stop being a crazy cat lady, so please don’t despair just yet! (I’ll just slip a quick pic of him below, though….ha.)

mr bear british shorthair cat

3) I mentioned this last week, but Hush are at the very end of their sale. I snapped up two amazing pyjama sets and they were only £20 each. Hush nightwear is brilliant quality so if there’s anything left by the time this publishes, have a quick look. Lots of cardigans too, but I have enough cardigans to dress a WI meeting at the moment! Hush

hush homeware

4) I had to (also!) purchase this bird-print shirt from Oasis (at ASOS). It’s 100% Polyester which, as a rule, I avoid like the plague. But I couldn’t resist the pretty print so I’ll just have to put up with the electric shocks and vile, sweaty feeling. Mind you, it was only £30 – in silk it would have probably been about three or four times the price these days, so. Swings and roundabouts. Here’s the shirt at – I bought a size 10.

5) I also (ALSO!) bought this Alexander Wang mesh panel top from The Outnet. Oops. I really need to start selling some of my body parts or something – or at least do an eBay wardrobe clearout to find some pennies! I don’t know what has come over me recently – there won’t be room for me to actually live in my house soon! If you want to see the Wang top then it’s here: The Outnet. I think it’s pretty bloody cool.

That’s all for today – I’m writing this on a Friday night and breaking my “no work after 6pm” rule, so I must turn off the computer before I get struck by lightning/self-combust/etc.

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