Sunday Tittle Tattle

Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks…

ruth crilly model Grazia China

1) I was in Grazia China this week! Quite a nice feature – or at least I think it was. I have absolutely no idea what it says! If you spot a copy the please do pick it up and, if you read Chinese, give me a brief translation. I just need the gist of it. For all I know it could say, “look at this total buffoon we bumped into in London! Hahaha!” Or something. I look quite sleepy in the opening shot – it always interests me to see which shot a magazine will pick out of hundreds and hundreds of frames. I say interests, I mean surprises. It’s never the one you expect it to be!

2) New Netflix obsessions: The Office, but the American version. I wanted to hate it because I loved the original so much, but actually, it’s brilliant. Very well written. Mr AMR can’t watch it because it’s too cringey and quite a few other people I’ve spoken to also can’t handle the frustration and sheer bite-your-hand-off awkwardness of it. Perhaps you have to be a certain type of person! I am that person. I thoroughly recommend it, especially if you’re ill and stuck in bed and need a bit of light entertainment.

casa mexico food stockist

3) This is quite random, but a few people have been asking me where I get my Mexican sauces and salsas from that sometimes crop up in my pictures. I get them from a Mexican “grocers” in Bethnal Green, East London. It’s called Casa Mexico and you can also order from them online. They do a great range of different dried chillis and tinned and bottled sauces – just about everything you need to jazz up your chilli con carne or chicken fajitas. I found out about Casa Mexico when I was looking through Thomasina Mier’s book, Mexican Food Made Simple – there are a number of other good stockists cited in there too. I use that recipe book a lot, it’s great for getting ideas for fresh and spicy dinners. The Casa Mexico website is here.

feel good food beetroot gnocchi recipe

4) Staying on the subject of food (back to beauty tomorrow), I want to share the latest recipe that we filmed for Feel Good Food.  I cannot begin to tell you how delicious this dish is – a beetroot gnocchi with goat’s cheese that just completely knocked my socks off! It looks very, very impressive – a good one to do at a dinner party, especially if you have guests who don’t eat meat or fish. But do eat cheese. This would go down a treat. If you’re reading on email, just click here to watch the video. Otherwise, look down!

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