Sunday Tittle Tattle

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Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks…

1) Keeping it rather brief this weekend, I’m afraid, as I have been stuck in bed with some sort of horrendous cough-cold-headache hybrid. I’ve dragged myself up for an hour and I’ve got that weird spinning-head thing that you get when you’re ill! I have to travel to Bristol tomorrow (today) to see my Mum and sister’s exhibition, Theadability. (Flyer image above.) If you’re in the area then do stop in – the details and address are here: Threadability

therapie discovery kit

2) Cult Beauty have a good offer running again – £10 off spends of £40 and over. My pick of the moment would be the Therapie gift set – highest grade aromatherapeutic bath and body products in smaller, discovery sizes. Follow the instructions to the T (including not using any cleansing agents alongside these products) and you can be guaranteed a relaxing bathtime and an amazing night’s sleep. Surprisingly effective – surprised the cynic inside me, at any rate. Code is BEAUTY40 and excludes any of the Escentric Molecules range, unfortunately. Cult Beauty

carine roitfeld white shoes

3) White Stilettos. I know that these will divide opinion, but I saw Carine Roitfeld backstage at London Fashion Week and she had on the most amazing white high heels with a metal toe-cap. I love them! I thought that her black outfit with white shoes was so chic. So obviously I’m now on the hunt for some! Let me know if you see any nice ones – someone suggested River Island but those ones look a bit gapey at the sides… I’ll still go and try them on though, once I stop being a convalescing invalid.

brunch at maison triumph

4) Thank you so much to those who came down for brunch with me last Sunday at the Maison Triumph. It was lovely to meet you all and find out a little bit about you. I hope to hold a similar event in the near future with a little more warning for people – I know that this one was very last-minute! I was thinking that maybe a Q&A session of some sort would be more useful than just a general meet-up and chit-chat, but I’m not sure what sort of things you’d all be interested in (if anything!) and so do let me know your thoughts.

OK, that’s about all I can manage for the moment so I’m off to bed. Mr Bear has beaten me to it….

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