Sunday Tittle Tattle

mr bear british shorthair cat

Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks…

Ah, the bank holiday. And it looks as though it may turn out to be a warm one – what a stroke of luck! I’m writing this on Friday night and the sun is just going down – I’ve felt very spirited and happy all day and that is all because of the weather. Right: some random nonsense below…

1) Sleepy cat photograph, see above. Could there be a better poster image for the Art of Relaxation? This is exactly how I’m going to spend my Monday. Not on the spare bed, though, and not on a bare mattress. Just so you know.

ruth crilly blonde hair

2) I’ve gone a bit blonder and I love it! I always take my hair slightly lighter for the summer and then more honeyed and rich for the autumn and winter, so this will come as no surprise… It feels very fresh and bright, though – I love newly-coloured hair. It makes me feel very polished and smart. Quite a few people have been asking which “tone” or “shade” I have put in – it’s a real mixture and not one particular colour, I’m afraid. There are quite a few different things going on, so it’s hard to just give a shade name or number, but do feel free to ask John Spanton (my colourist) questions on Twitter. (He’ll kill me for this, he’s @jssorbiecolour)

3) Winner of the BAFTA TV Awards tickets is Lauren, @laurenella_! Well done Lauren – please get in touch if you haven’t already done so! You can get me on Twitter – probably the easiest way – or comment on this post. Thanks everyone who entered and for sharing some of your worst fears. Some of them were really quite an eye-opener and I’m now scared of at least three things that had never bothered me before now…

cult beauty

4) Cult Beauty have free shipping until midnight on Tuesday 7th – the code is MAYSHIP and excludes Escentric Molecules fragrances: Cult Beauty

face makeup review

5) Mainly out of sheer laziness, I have worn exactly the same makeup all week. It’s the look from last week’s video – the Springtime Makeup Collection. I don’t usually point back to posts that have only just gone up, but I do really like this look and so I thought that it deserved another mention. If you missed this video post, you can catch it here. It’s quite rare for me to step away from warm tones on the eyes so it might be worth a look if you fancy something different. Greys and pinks and a blue eyeshadow – slightly random, but I love it.

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