Sunday Tittle Tattle

1) Ah, April Fools’ Day. (Yawns.)  There’s nothing less funny for the person having the prank played upon them is there? Cling-film over the toilet seat? Somebody phoning you up pretending your Granny’s just died? Bear with me as I laugh uncontrollably on the floor, would you? I’m not a total grouch, by the way, I just hate anything that involves me a) getting water over my head b) almost having a fatal cardiac arrest or c) being forced to ask about thirty people whether something is true or not.

2) I’ve been sat here for an hour now, trying to think of a clever April Fools’ “joke” to play on you all, but I have to say that ideas are not being forthcoming. Probably because I have just finished watching a film with both Ryan Gosling and George Clooney in it (The Ides of March) and so my brain is full.

ides of march




3) Votes, please: should Mr Bear the British Shorthair kitten have his own Twitter feed? I feel as though he’s taking over my one a bit with all of his blatant self-promotion and vanity posting. I mean, one photo every now and then is fine, but he will insist on at least a daily update. And I have to read him the retweets and comments, and even reply to his fanmail from his female admirers. Tiresome!

4) Lots and lots of product reviews coming up soon – I’ve been using some cracking things lately. Keep an eye out for posts on Alpha-H, Emma Hardie, Omorovicza, Manuka Doctor, Givenchy, YSL and Dr Perricone’s Super. There will soon be a better way to search the site, too – I’m planning on getting that sorted over the next couple of days. The site is almost back to normal now, just a few more tweaks and I can set the menus back up and so on.

5) Many thanks to The Beauty Shortlist for sending me a lovely cheer-up gift last week – I hadn’t heard of the brand “Abahna” before, but I am now the proud owner of a beautiful perfume atomiser filled with Mandarin and Sicilian Bergamot Eau de Parfum! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the perfume smells amazing – light and fresh. More of a cologne, I suppose, than a perfume – you could spritz away with this one all day and it wouldn’t be overpowering. I have been window-shopping some of their other products and can tell you that Abahna is perfect gift-giving material; everything looks ridiculously expensive yet prices start at £10 and the atomiser (shown in the picture) is just £15! Have a browse here:

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