Sunday Tittle Tattle

beauty box deal

1) Our very own British Beauty Blogger (BBB) has created a beauty box (the BBB-BB?!) and it’s on sale from today. There are only 500 available and each contains a selection of British Beauty Blogger‘s top makeup and skincare product finds – some of them full size. You can see a full list of products on the site but the box includes such gems as the Bourjois Cream Blush, Elemis Tri Enzyme Face Mask, Benefit Porefessional, Lanolips and Trilogy Rosehip Oil. Each box is £15 plus P&P and you can get one here.

topshop flat gold sandals

2) These Topshop sandals are so ridiculously comfy! I found them in that section with all the hangy-up shoes – a section I’d not normally look in, because I want my shoes in a box not on a coathanger – but boy am I glad I found them. They are so brilliant! Soft leather, enough straps to keep your feet secure and a decent sole. Excuse-moi my chipped toenail polish in le photograph! They are sold out online because they went down to £10 in the sale, but they still have them at Oxford Circus. If you want to take a look at them online for a better photo then they are here. Sod’s law that I paid thirty quid for mine, right before the sales started! Boohoo.

tigers in red weather summer read

3) Another nice holiday read for you (and another of my Book Club texts): Tigers in Red Weather. I loved this! The writer, Liza Klaussmann, was actually a student on the very same MA course I’m about to complete, so it has been very inspirational reading her work. The novel takes us through the intertwined lives of two cousins and their immediate families and it’s full of long, lazy summer days and G&Ts and wartime shenanigans. Oh, and a murder and a creepy kid. Get it on Amazon: Tigers in Red Weather

pros and cons of 30 day shred

4) 30 Day Shred Status: I’m still on bloody level one! I’ve done something outrageous to my knees. They feel as though they’re made from bags of gravel. I think I may have been doing some over-zealous star-jumping. I’m on a short Shred Break but going to enter level 2 with full enthusiasm next week! Please let me know how you’re doing? (See my Shred post here.)

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