Sunday Tittle Tattle

model style

1) This week, I am proud to announce that I have made NO PURCHASES. Try not to die of shock. I’m actually about to return a few things from the week before – just little jersey tops from H&M, but they’re not great quality and every penny counts! Pretty soon you’ll see the start of my eBay wardrobe purge – I’ve been promising to have one for about a year, so it’s definitely overdue. (I think I’ll be selling my amazing orange Herve Leger dress, pictured above right. Keep a look out for that.)

2) I am also proud to announce that I have begun my dissertation. I’m currently reading The Historical Novel by Jerome de Groot and trying not to eat my own hands off with boredom. Note-taking has commenced. Well done me.

skincare review

3) Lovers of Lancome’s Genefique will be thrilled to learn that it re-launched this month with a new, advanced formula: Advanced Genefique. It’s proclaimed benefits? Deep breath:  “Smoothes Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles, Boosts Radiance, Clarifies and Evens Skin Tone, Improves Skin Texture, Increases Elasticity and Tonicity, Firms Skin, Hydrates.” I have absolutely no idea why they had to start every word with a capital letter in their blurb, it makes it into Some Kind of Sensational Newspaper Headline Doesn’t It? Anyway, just letting you know that it’s now stronger and better, but at the same price. So if you’re scratching your head at the fact you can’t seem to find the old version, fear not: this is the replacement. It’s £58 on

vintage party forks

4) Forking Hell! My Mum has such bizarre things in her cupboards. Last weekend she wouldn’t let me pick at the olives she’d set out on the table until she’d fetched the “Party Forks”! When do you think these are from? The fifties? Sixties? You can catch up with my Mum’s (often quite random) thoughts at MyMumSays...

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