Sunday Tittle Tattle

mr bear the cat

1) I’m mid house-move, so my most sincere apologies on advance if any posts are missing over the next week or so. I dread to think what the internet will be like where I’m going – I may find myself running at full pace back to London and kicking out my tenants. “I’ve changed my MIND! Let me back IN! The internet is shockingly slow and there’s no M&S Simply Food!” I’m hoping, on the other hand, to achieve a better life/work balance – less time staring at a screen, more time getting fresh air into my lungs. I want goats, chickens, ducks and geese, but Mr AMR says I’ll have to clean up the poo and so I might stick to the one cat for the moment. But anyway, how exciting, eh? (On a practical note, if you regularly send me stuff – flowers, alarming love letters, beauty samples, etc – then delete the address and PO Box that you have for me please. Things will no longer reach me! Mail can go through Gleam Management at the address here.)

ruth crilly really ree body talk daily

2) I promised that I’d post up my interview with ReallyRee and Elizabeth Hurley for Breast Cancer Awareness and so it’s down at the bottom of this post. If you’re on email, you can find the video on Youtube here.This year the focus of the campaign is on action rather than awareness – the Circles of Strength idea is all about getting women to pull together and support one another, whether it’s through a weekly walk, a monthly girls’ night or simply nagging one another about getting breast checks and staying healthy. On the one hand this could sound a little condescending to the intelligent woman, but actually I think it’s very important for us all to have proper, face-to-face contact or at least direct communication. Not just the odd peep onto someone’s Facebook Wall or Twitter feed. Real friends, real support, whether it’s in aid of a charity or not. Though the idea of raising funds for Breast Cancer Research is obviously a brilliant one! If you’re growing weary of the “pink products” that only see a small percentage of the profits go to charity then you can give directly here. 91p out of every pound gets to where it should be, which is a huge percentage compared to many charities.  You can find the Circles of Strength microsite here.

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