Sunday Tittle Tattle

mr bear british shorthair

1) What a week! No sooner had I moved into my new house (yes I’m loving it, yes I have been spending an inordinate amount of time watching little birds dart in and out of the trees and the bird houses and staring at the river) than I had to whizz off again and spend half the week in Paris. My feet haven’t touched the ground! As I write this I’m waiting for Mr AMR to come and bring me a large glass of red wine – I’ve dropped loads of hints, one of which was “can you please bring me a glass of red wine”, so I’m expecting its arrival to be imminent. Here’s hoping! While we wait, can we just please all appreciate my photographic dedication in the above picture – I had my head down the top end of a cat tunnel to get that shot.

free sisley samples with purchase harrods

2) Still no wine, so let’s get on with the rest of the Tittle Tattle. Two rather nice little beauty boxes/gifts for your attention, the first being the current “gift with purchase” at Sisley. I know there are a few Sisley addicts out there – if you need to do any stocking up then now would be the time. The gift is worth over £140 and free with any two purchases, though one must be skincare. (The eye mask and the Comfort Extreme lip balm would be my absolute top picks. Both wonderful. Though I’m also more than partial to a spot of Black Rose Cream Mask.)  You can see the gift page here – it’s quite a good one, really, because it’s exclusive to Harrods but available to those shopping online at Urban Retreat! The gift includes a 30ml Eau Efficace– a brilliant cleansing water, Sisleya Concentrate Firming Body Care (15ml), 10ml of the All Day All Year cream, (it’s £230 for 50ml, so I’ll let you do the maths!) a 10ml Global Perfect cream, and then some little samples of fragrance and body stuff and foundation. My favourite things of all, however, are the dinky mascara Ultra Stretch, which is an incredible mascara, and the Express Flower Gel mask which is one of my all-time favourites. It’s instantly cooling and tightening and refreshing and it should just really be called Hangover Cure.

beauty bodycare review

3) Second box/gift thing is this little number from Balance Me. It’s a limited edition box that can be bought through You Beauty and the products are worth more than £100. If you’re already a fan of Balance Me then you will almost definitely be in love with the Rose Otto body wash and the Super Moisturising hand cream (I was very impressed with these) and this box also includes skincare bestsellers like the cleansing balm and the wonder eye cream. Cost of the box? £19.95. I have to say that I’m getting a bit tired of all of these beauty boxes but when you know what you’re getting and you like what you’re seeing…they’re great. Especially if they save you some dough. You can find the You Beauty page here with full details and sizes of products. *Update: forgot to mention, you also get a £10 voucher to use against a full-sized product. Nice touch!

hotel amour paris review

4) WINE HAS ARRIVED! Marvellous. It’s a crying shame I have nothing else left to say that is particularly pressing… I suppose I wouldn’t just mind correcting something I wrote about on Friday: I don’t think that the Hotel Amour in Paris is disgusting – just the Mickey Mouse statue on the reception desk that has a huge, erect penis that almost hits you in the face as you try to check in. Not my cup of tea, to be honest, but please do wait for the review because (as you’ll see) I did warm to the hotel. It was a “grower”, if you’ll excuse the slightly seedy pun.

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