Sunday Tittle Tattle

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1) I’m home. Boo hoo. I’d quite like to rewind time by about 72 hours and be back on a sunlounger, drinking a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri (addictive, I must have consumed about twenty over the course of six days) and reading Complete Short Stories by Elizabeth Taylor.

By the way, I got so much work done in Dubai – I got into a brilliant little routine. Writing and editing in my hotel room from 8am-11am, sunshine on the beach from 11.30am-4pm and then work again in my room from 5-11pm, with a break for dinner. On the days that I wasn’t booked to film for DailyMix, this was my schedule. It maximised the time I could spend lounging about on the beach, but I also got a good 9 hours of work in. If only we could rely on our summertime here in Britain – I would definitely adopt this strategy more often! Though it doesn’t leave much time for evening socialising…

clinique daily defense eye cream moisturizer

2) Clinique are about to launch a new moisturiser and eye cream – additions to the Superdefense range. I have actually already written about the eye product before in a post about eye creams that contain an SPF. (Read it here.) I had it as part of a duty free set but it wasn’t previously available in UK stores – it’s very nice, I think, and a good option if you want dedicated protection for the eye area. It has a light texture on application but is surprisingly moisturising. I’m afraid I haven’t given the face moisturiser (broad spectrum sunscreen, SPF20) a good test yet, but I’ll let you know when I do. Both products launch on the 27th December nationwide.

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3) Cat fix, for those who moan if I don’t do the weekly picture! Here’s Mr Bear, taking his seven-thousandth nap of the day. More photos of him, me, random stuff, can be found on Instagram.

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