Sunday Tittle Tattle

Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks…

1) Brilliant budget moisturiser of the week is “For Daily Youth” by Soap & Glory. This “6-in-1 Superboost Moisture Lotion” contains peptides to fight wrinkles and ingredients that help to soothe the skin as well as encourage cell renewal. Personally, I’m not keen on the slightly soapy fragrance, but that’s just me. This is £12 from

image is Liloo’s

2) The lovely Liloo emailed me on Friday to let me know about “Paint for Life”, a trio of nail polishes made by BeautyUK with the aim of raising £50,000 for Cancer Research. You can read more about the polishes and the story behind them on Liloo’s blog here:

3) Cat Hair Update: I have purchased the most amazing machine. The Dyson DC-34 Animal. It’s a hand-held hoover with quite amazing suction prowess for such a small, light little thing! (Mr AMR says “I should bloody well hope so for 170 quid!)

 Let me know if anyone is remotely interested in a full review – I know there are lots of readers with cats and dogs (and rabbits!) so you might find it useful if you’re constantly battling with hairs and fluff all over the house! I bought mine through Amazon, twenty-five pounds cheaper than direct from Dyson. Even though it was direct from Dyson…. The mind boggles. Link is below.

Dyson DC34 Animal Handheld Vacuum with Longer Run Time for Pet Owners

4) The winners of the Etat Pur giveaway have been drawn and announced – if you missed my tweets and Facebook, you can check the winners here:

5) Audible free trial; some of you mentioned that the audiobook I suggested for the first “audiobookclub” discussion, Pigeon English, wasn’t available on the trial.. I just opened another account (as I have an existing membership so I thought that different books might be showing!) and it is coming up for me. It says “Sale Price £8.99 or 1 Credit”. Let me know if you still can’t download it! For those who missed the free 30-day trial link, it’s here:

Have a great Sunday! I will be at the POLO don’t you know! Check me out! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

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