Sunday Tittle Tattle

beauty subscriber giveaway

1) Whoo! Where to start this week, where to start? Well. Youtube and my 200,000 Subscriber milestone would be a good place, I think – I can’t quite believe it! I still remember, very clearly, the feeling of sheer delight when I had 1,000 subscribers… If you missed yesterday’s post then do flick back and have a look; I’m giving away £1000 of beauty products to one lucky subscriber. Kind of mad, really, but I liked the sheer craziness of it all – someone is going to have a very pampered year! If you want to subscribe and enter, the link to the video is here – you just need to leave a comment in the Youtube comments box below the screen.

2) Thank you for all of your website feedback a couple of weeks ago; I have now read through each and every comment and they were very useful. The new and improved “user experience” is now under construction – you should already find that it’s easier to leave a comment if you’re on iPad or iPhone. Many people couldn’t comment at all from a tablet or smartphone, apparently, so this should be much better. Give it a try!

cute cat pics

3) I’ll tell you what; trying to get your animals to wave for the camera is a lot harder than you’d think! (See video link above.) Never work with children or animals – so unprofessional in front of the camera! I have two pics for you this week…

Exhibit A (above): cat. His face says, “I am used to all of this stupidity now. If I just go along with her idiotic whims, she will tickle me and feed me tuna; if I resist, she will spend longer in front of the eye of doom.”

cute puppy pics

Exhibit B: a dog. His face says, “huh?”

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