Sunday Tittle Tattle

exfoliating face cloth

1) This week I wrote about the “exfoliant that keeps on giving”: the Dermaflannel. To see the full write-up, click it open in a new window here, but if you’ve already seen it and had your interest piqued, then listen: Bravura have reduced the price of the cloth to £7.99 for this weekend only. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I think this may be because I asked them if they could do something about the international shipping costs. Those don’t seem to have changed, but the discount (a whole £4) is a bit of a sweetener for those who have to fork out to have it shipped (flown, carrier-pigeoned or whatever else) halfway across the world. If you want a flannel at the reduced price you need to quote the code Derma4 and there’s a 3 cloth limit per customer. Bravura’s website is here. The offer ends tomorrow at midnight.

cold and flu remedy

2) I have (I think) succumbed to this boring cough/cold thing that goes around every winter. I’m battling on with paracetamol hits every four hours and litres of various vitamin solutions and flu remedies. Annoyingly, it’s the first weekend in a very long time that Mr AMR and I haven’t had visitors and I was really looking forward to long walks along the river and perhaps a spot of pie and mash up at the local pub. Never mind. I am hibernating and making sure that I feel spit-spot for my meet-up on Tuesday – I’m really, really looking forward to it!

3) At the end of last week I went to Paris to visit the Clarins factory and development labs. I’ve wanted to see behind-the-scenes at a beauty company for ages and felt very privileged to be allowed access. Unfortunately, cameras weren’t allowed, so I’m just waiting for the official photos to be sent through (hopefully they got the cheesy one of me in a lab coat mixing pigment into a lipstick formula, spatula artfully angled and face arranged into an expression of pure intelligence) and I’ll write up the experience. Body cream formulating, production-line watching and glossy lipstick making. Tell you what, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a brand new lipstick sliding out from its silicon-lined mould. Ooooh, it gave me the shudders, it did!

mr bear the cat

4) Animal pictures of the week (have added the puppy, Dexter, due to popular demand): exhibit one (above) shows Mr Bear at a low ebb…

…exhibit two shows Dexter the Dog at his most excited:

dexter the dog

They couldn’t be more dissimilar. Though they get on surprisingly well, all things considered.

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