Sunday Tittle Tattle

selfridges cosmetics hall

1) Thank you so much to everyone who came down to the makeup meet-up at Charlotte Tilbury’s counter in Selfridges. It was lovely to have such a good turn-out and I really appreciate so many of you taking the time to come and say hello. I was really very touched! There seemed to be quite a lot of bustle going on around the counter, with people testing out products and having mini-makeovers, so I hope that you enjoyed the morning and came away with some useful tips…

2) Things my Mum force-fed me in an attempt to “get rid of my cold” by “feeding me up”: piece of lemon drizzle cake, chicken curry with naan, chapati and rice, another piece of lemon drizzle cake, toast with honey, sponge cake, tuna sandwich, baked ham with carrots and potatoes, tropical fruit salad, apple crumble and custard, lemon sorbet, ham sandwich, a fairy cake, fruit salad, seven mugs of peppermint tea, two mugs of ginger tea. (And that was just the first day.)

mr bear british shorthair cat

3) Short and sweet Sunday Tittle Tattle as my nose starts running every time I bend my head to look at the keyboard. (I know that you’re not supposed to have to look at the keyboard when you type, but on my MacBook air, the keyboard is (inexplicably) back and unlit, so that it’s impossible to see unless you have some kind of industrial floodlight directed at it.) Animal pictures for you; above, please witness my cat, Mr Bear, in yet another state of inertia. He stayed in the bottom of this box for three and a half hours without twitching a whisker.

Below, Dexter the puppy. And me, cold-ridden and makeup-less, enjoying the evening fire in my Mum’s living room. Doesn’t Dexter look like a cartoon character, or some kind of stuffed teddy version of a dog? Ridiculous.

dexter cockapoo puppy

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