Sunday Tittle Tattle

dexter the cockapoo

1) Thank you for your marvellous suggestions on yesterday’s “Celebrities who have hair like my Dog” post. Meg Ryan is already in the planned line-up and there are also a couple of quite brilliant surprise suggestions from Mr AMR; hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze about ten or maybe even fifteen posts out of this ridiculous mini-feature. And then we will start on Mr Bear – Celebrities who have expressions like my Cat.

cat photos

Start thinking of ideas now, if you find yourself with a few idle minutes!

2) From the faintly ridiculous to the impressively futuristic: Max Factor’s use of “Google Glass” to record their Autumn-Winter makeup look. You may or may not have heard of Google Glass; it’s a pair of glasses (then why not call them Google Glasses and make things easy?) that can take pictures and record video and all sorts of other things, turning you into a non-violent version of The Terminator. Very impressive – but I do feel that we might only be a few years away from just having all of this stuff built into our eyes and that thought scares me. To be honest, even the fact that my iMac has a built-in camera scares me; with the frequency that I use Skype for important trans-Atlantic meetings in the evening but also the fact that I quite often sit and do work partially dressed…it can only be a matter of time before there is some kind of webcam/U.S. Client catastrophe.

mel arter google glass for max factor

Anyway, back to Max Factor and the Google Glass! Top makeup artist Mel Arter filmed herself making up one of the models at the Emilia Wickstead show and I have to say that I find this new perspective intriguing. It’s not as polished or well-lit as you’d get with one of your traditional makeup tutorials – it’s raw footage and it’s up close and personal, and that’s what I like about it. I think I should wear the Google Glass on my next shoot so that people could see everything from my perspective – all of the lights and rails of clothes and hair and makeup artists buzzing around my head. What do you think?

Watch the Google Glass Makeup Video

charlotte tilbury ruth crilly skype interview

3) And some more video fun for you: I interviewed Charlotte Tilbury over Skype (thankfully I was fully clothed and not taken by surprise!) and I think that her answers are very thoughtful and positive, especially for those who want to enter the fashion industry or who are trying to make a success of businesses or freelance work. I think that she’s a very inspirational lady – incredibly focused and driven. You can watch that video here – apologies for my sometimes-random face movements and ill-timed interruptions; we had something of a delay because it was being filmed, and it was hard to make things seamless! The interview is part of a big project that Skype are doing with Victoria Beckham – there’s an exclusive documentary about her and lots of little behind-the-scenes things to take a look at.

Watch the Charlotte Tilbury Skype Interview

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