Sunday Tittle Tattle

1) I have just done the mother of all FeelUnique orders. I went a bit overboard, if truth be known, but…all in the name of research. (Obviously I needed a Dior nail polish remover and it would have been rude not to try a “budget alternative” at the same time, wouldn’t it?) Interestingly, though, (or perhaps not, depending on how exciting your life happens to be), I didn’t limit my order to beauty items – there were a couple of foodstuffs that found their way into my basket. Some Manuka Honey, a natural sweetener called Xylitol and some Coconut Oil – all ingredients that were on my ever-growing list of things to try. The Manuka (here) is something I have tried before – I was putting a little spoon of it into hot lemon and water in the mornings for a while – but this seems to be better quality than the one I picked up at Tescos. The Xylitol (here) is something I read about in the It’s All Good cookbook (see post here) and the Coconut Oil (here) is something I’ve been wanting to try for ages. You can use it as a beauty oil and cook with it too – I’m going to try making my Indian dishes with it. I’ll let you know how I get on!

ruth crilly model beauty reviews

2) I have had lots of comments on my nail polish this week. It always unnerves me slightly that people even notice my nails – I don’t. I nearly always have a nude shade on and it’s rare that I wear anything colourful; firstly I can’t be bothered with the faff and secondly I have, on more than one occasion, mistaken a painted nail for a food morsel and bitten into it very hard. Sounds amusing but isn’t – the first time it happened I had bright red polish on and thought that my nail was a bit of fresh tomato sticking out of my tortilla wrap! Anyway, I have decided to make more effort with my nails, because I have quite a considerable amount of free time that needs filling (please pick up on the ironic tone here) and also it looks more interesting in videos if there’s something going on “up top” in the fingernail department. Hence the purchase of the above polish removers – it’s all part of the good intentions drive…

coral nail polish 2014

…back to this week’s polish: Bon Voyage by Leighton Denny. A lovely warm coral shade that doesn’t need tanned fingers to set it off. You can find it here if you’re on the hunt for something summery to treat yourself to.

mr bear british shorthair cat

3) Zoo pictures: please follow @dexterandthebear on Instagram if you want to see more. Above: cat. Below: dog. You might have seen the dog one yesterday – that’s his best one from this week. Most of the time he was covered in mud and looking very un-photogenic! The cat, on the other hand….well. He’s always picture perfect.

celebrities with hair like my dog


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