Sunday Tittle Tattle

best ballerina fashion shoes

1) Bargain buy of the week? A(nother) pair of Cecilia pumps from Office. They were in the sale and it would have been rude not to – my first two pairs of Cecilia ballerinas are so comfy and I wear them all the time, they have been excellent value for money. The new ones are slightly different to my leather-with-patent-toe versions, though; they are made entirely from green and black suede. Very soft, very light and perfect for squashing into my handbag when I know I’ll be needing some flats to change into when I’m running to catch the last train home! I got them for £31 – they are usually £55. You can find Cecilia at Office here.

best ballerina pumps

2) Fans of Ryan Gosling, please spare a few moments to watch the video below. Keep watching – bear with it – because there’s a bit of a surprise “change of direction” about half way through. I won’t spoil it for you – just take a look and then jot down your thoughts in the comments box below. I don’t even know where to start… With the fact, perhaps, that Gozzer’s face hasn’t changed one jot since childhood? Or that there’s something very mildly inappropriate about the amount of hip-thrusting going on? (If you can’t see the video box then click here to watch it on Youtube.)

3) Noted, this week, on my online shopping travels: 25% off all Weleda products at I really like Weleda, especially the Lavender Bath which is one of the nicest relaxing soaks out there and isn’t at all expensive. The whole of the Calendula range is also great – I think it’s actually meant for babies but I use the bath stuff quite often if my skin feels as though it needs a bit of a soothe, and the Weather Protection cream is amazing for stressed-out skin. Use the code ECOWELEDA at checkout to get the money off – there’s also 30% off all Korres products. That code is ECOKORRES.

cat chasing wasp

4) Les animaux terribles. Above, Mr Bear having a stare-off with a wasp. Look at that mischievous face! The little pink nose, quivering in anticipation…. And then below we have Dexter the Dog. Ridiculously shaggy and interrupting my video-making; he ate a couple of rather nice Japonesque brushes and then made an unspeakable smell in my beauty room. For more pet pics, follow @DexterandTheBear on Instagram.

ruth crilly with dexter the cockapoo dog

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