Sunday Tittle Tattle

amazing rose cupcakes

1) So…the healthy eating kick is going incredibly well. Not. It started off with Easter and about three thousand kilos of dark chocolate truffles and it has come to something of a climax with a tray of INCREDIBLE cup-cakes that my friend Lucy brought round on Friday night. Now I’m not usually a cup-cake fanatic, but these were just something else. The decoration alone would get full marks, but the taste – oh the taste! Lucy got them from a friend of her’s, Lucia, who makes them in her very own kitchen. The company is called Sweet Bea’s Bakery – if you ever need some special cakes that look just like roses then you know where to find them! The website is here.

ruth crilly in hush teal blouse and warehouse skirt

2) Hush have 20% off 20 of their summer collection items until tomorrow. Among the discounted items, the beautiful teal chiffon blouse (shown above) that I wore for my Spring Lookbook video and also the Lobster Pyjamas that are such a brilliant, cheery coral colour. You can view all of the 20% off stuff HERE.

dexter the cockapoo

3) Animal pics. We’ve been doing a lot of cuddling over the last week. Here’s Dexter being squeezed to death, and Mr Bear being forced into posing for a “couples portrait”.

mr bear british shorthair cat

Please excuse the massive red lipstick stain on my tooth – it actually looks quite scary, as though I’ve been on some kind of vampiric expedition around the village. Things aren’t helped by the fact that I’d been for lunch before I took this photo and had a large glass of Rioja! Red wine + photography = oddly-hued teeth.

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