Sunday Tittle Tattle

road stormy sky

1) Another bank holiday! April and May are just brilliant for totally unexpected little days off, aren’t they? To be absolutely frank, I’m just happy to be in my own house for more than two days in a row, even if the weather is miserable. What a hectic few weeks – I’m actually looking forward to doing things like hoovering and sorting out the wardrobe in the Front Bedroom of Doom! When you’ve been away loads, small domestic chores become quite a little treat, don’t you find? Or have I just lost my mind? If the weather perks up, I might even tackle the weeds in the garden – they are growing to Little Shop of Horrors proportions.

gatwick zara returns

2) A glimpse of my crazy-print Zara trousers*. I’m really into my loose trousers at the moment – they beat squeezing yourself into skinny jeans any day of the week! Word of warning re: Zara; if you buy anything at the Gatwick Zara and want to return it, then – ridiculously – you can only return it to Gatwick**. Therefore, if you want to take back that coat you’ve changed your mind about, you must book another Easyjet flight to Malaga or Marrakech or wherever it is that you fancy going to, just to return an item of clothing. They need to make this clearer when you buy at Gatwick – I mean REALLY clear – like, “hello Madam, how are you today? Good, good, glad to hear it. And were you aware that your purchases today cannot be returned to the normal high street stores? Oh, you want to put it all back on the rails and not buy it? Okay, probably sensible. Because you don’t want to find yourself having to book another holiday, just to bring your returns back, do you? Okay! Bye bye now! Have a great flight!”

*You can find the trousers here online.

**You CAN post it back to Gatwick returns place, but you have to download a form and print it and go to the post office and decide which level of insurance you want in case it goes missing, which it probably will if you don’t opt for some kind of tracking and…it’s all a total faff. Very annoying.

sisley beauty gift with purchase

3) Sisley have a rather lovely little Gift With Purchase running at Urban Retreat in Harrods. I think that the printed bag is very “Missoni” and it’s stuffed full of little skincare and body samples to the value of around £140. It’s free with two purchases, which isn’t a cheap prospect by any means, but if you are in the market for some incredibly lush stuff, then I can highly recommend the Self-Tanning Hydrating Facial Skincare, which is one of the best face tanners I have ever used (should be at this price!) and the Confort Extreme lip balm which I think could be the best lip balm I have ever used. Again, “at this price”, blah blah blah… You can get the free gift here.

ruth crilly and mr bear the british shorthair cat

4) Pets. Here’s Mr Bear the Cat watching me trawl ASOS for Bank Holiday bargains. Not the most flattering angle for me, but Mr Bear is just peachy! Below, Dexter the Dog and his shaggy hair, which is growing back quite nicely after his quite drastic “cut and fluff” of a few weeks ago! More animal stuff over on Instagram.


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