Sunday Tittle Tattle

how to use couch to 5k

1) As part of my new fitness drive, I have tried to kickstart my running “mission”. There will be a post next week about some of my…er…mishaps, but I just wanted to tell you about the iPhone app I’ve been using. It’s called “Couch to 5k” and I’m pretty sure that some of you lovely lot recommended this to me a while back, though it was my nextdoor neighbour who reminded me most recently. It’s pretty good – a woman basically just talks you through when to walk and when to run and you play it over your usual music, so you can listen to whatever you want. Currently, for me, it’s the Lion King soundtrack (don’t ask) but whatever floats your metaphorical boat. I also downloaded the Nike running app but I haven’t fired that one up yet… It’s supposed to be better, actually, so I’ll test that out this week!

**Update: I hadn’t uploaded Couch to 5K at all! It’s one called “Get Running”! What a div. Here’s the one I have: iTunes

best of the summer sales

2) Just to let you know, my Office pumps arrived and they are gorgeous! Thirty pounds well spent. You can find them online here – I’m tempted to return and snap up the pale pink ballerinas too…

dolce and gabbana style skirt high street

3) I’ll be doing a huge clothes “haul” video this week, but no doubt most stuff will have gone into the sale by the time it goes live! The most important “get it before it’s gone” thing, for me, is this amazing lace skirt from Topshop. It comes in black or white – the white is very Burberry SS14 (darling) but I’ve chosen black as I can wear it with a black top and make it a bit Dolce & Gabbana! It’s £75, which is steep for Topshop, but it’s quite a special piece, I think. I’m just about to pop into Topshop to pick mine up – I ordered it online here.

shaved cockapoo puppy

4) Hot Dog and Hot Cat. It must be terrible to be under all that fur! Though Dexter hasn’t got so much of that left after his scalping…

fat cat on floor

5) Ooh – almost forgot. You may notice that I have a new header. It took me ages. I hope you like it. It was supposed to be a bit like “see no evil hear no evil” but I had to think of more faces to fill up the space across the page.

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