Sunday Tittle Tattle: Babies, Breasts and Scheduled Posts!

newborn baby

Hello everyone: just stopping by quickly to make sure you’re all OK and not missing me too much! Hopefully the majority of you won’t have even noticed my absence, because I spent the majority of my pregnancy scheduling content so that I could have a nice, relaxed maternity leave without sacrificing your regular A Model Recommends reading fix, but I know that some of you are sorely missing my Sunday updates and little in-post anecdotes. So here I am with a quick bulletin of what I’ve been up to (having a baby, mostly!) and what I’m planning for the summer.

If you follow on Instagram then you will already have seen that Baby AMR has arrived – a beautiful little girl, born on the 17th June, 9lbs 11oz. You can find out more over on my pregnancy and baby blog, The Uphill, and there will be plenty more posts on there following my weird and wonderful transition into motherhood, should this area be of interest to you. She has absolutely turned my world upside down – in a very good way – and I am trying to adjust to a completely new type of life. A life in which my arms seem to nearly always be holding this warm, edible bundle of gorgeousness and a life that is so focused on the needs and wants of said bundle that there appears to be very little time for anything else. Editing website posts has to be done haphazardly with one-finger typing and so please do excuse the little typos and errors that may appear. It’s actually quite difficult to even reach the computer keyboard now that I have breasts that are as large and firm as cantaloupe melons – doing anything in front of my body involves a serious amount of circumnavigation!

Too much information? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Wait until I get started on post-baby bellies and my new-found phobia of scars!

Right. The Cherub is awake and I must feed her before she starts to cry so that I can collect 100 bonus points and proceed to the next level, which is burping, nappy-changing and then a bit of marching up and down the room singing The Grand Old Duke of York. After which I shall be rewarded with a couple of hours (hopefully) of “me time” (always hated that phrase, now I totally get it) so that I can have a shower and have a little nap. And then repeat…

Posts are scheduled in for the next few weeks and I shall endeavour to restart my videos at the end of July – I’m still not back in my house, the moving-in date is now somewhere in the early August kind of region, so it’s quite difficult to plan anything at the moment. We had to move from Saffron Walden back to Hertfordshire a day after I had the baby (I was in hospital so Mr AMR and my parents had to take care of it all) and then we moved again last Friday, to my cousin’s house (she has very kindly put us up) and today we move to my parents’ house up in Worcestershire as we have to look after Mr Bear the cat! Something tells me that Baby AMR is going to be very well-travelled…

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