Sunday Tittle Tattle: And Then There Were Two…

model recommends new baby

Hurrah! Baby Number Two (or “New Baby”, as he is known, until we can decide on a name) has arrived. I don’t know whether you follow my Mum & Baby blog, The Uphill, but you can find a slightly more detailed announcement over there. All of us are doing very well, apart from general lack of sleep, but if you are interested in how the birth and first week of c-section recovery went then – again – posts will be over on The Uphill when they are ready. If keeping abreast of both blogs is too much bother, then may I tempt you to sign up via email? All posts will go directly to your inbox – the A Model Recommends sign-up form is here and the one for The Uphill is here.

You’ve probably gathered that service on the blogs is continuing pretty much as normal – I pre-wrote a lot of posts before going in to have the baby – but I may be a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to comments and questions. I do read them (and love reading them) but typing replies with one hand as I feed the baby is really difficult! I end up dropping my iPhone, usually down the side of the bed, which then has to be semi-dismantled before I can manage to fish it out again.

But I thank you for all of your lovely messages of congratulations, it’s very heart-warming to see them every time I log in!

New Baby Announcement

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