Sunday Tittle Tattle: Baby Chaos

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I tried to film my first “back to work” video this week and it was absolute chaos! (Those of you balking at the idea of me being back to work after a month, fear not: I mean the working-from-home sort of work, I’m not strapping the baby onto my front and hiking into town every day! Not that it would be bad if I was – each to their own – but I really don’t have the energy to do much more than sit in bed typing away at my laptop.)

So yes, filming chaos. First of all, I waited for the newborn baby to be asleep, which took three feeds and four nappy changes, which meant that by the time I got around to turning the camera on it was 3.30pm. The light was beginning to be less than optimal (I film in daylight, no artificial studio lights) and I was losing the will to do anything much apart from eat biscuits. But Angelica was out on a walk and the house was quiet, I had some makeup on and I had done my nails – it would have almost been sacrilege not to have grasped the opportunity with both hands.

The newborn woke up around eight minutes into filming, would only be quieted with a breastfeed, so I had to stop the camera, latch the baby on, refocus and zoom in so that my boob was hidden out of shot and then continue. Two minutes later, Angelica returned and demanded to know what was happening and had to be let into the room (she could hear me chatting to the camera) and a minute after that, the newborn baby puked up all over the place.

a model recommends beauty video

It’s actually caught on camera, as is my lightening-speed reaction in holding him away from my brand new jumper so that it went over everything apart from me! Selfish mother. (I’ve edited this out of my video, obviously. I can’t imagine a slo-mo baby puke is something that people want to see on a Sunday.)

After the puke session, Angelica came bumbling in and decided to run off with the items I was showing for my February Favourites, stamp on my special board I have for shooting still-life pictures and hide my eye cream.

Despite all of this I managed to edit the video to show that I was totally in control, which is exactly what being a parent entails, I’ve decided: making it look as though you are in control, when you’re blatantly not. Inside you’re weeping, but outwardly you’re the woman who has it completely down. You’re the boss.

Anyway, you can watch the vid tonight or it’ll be posted here on A Model Recommends tomorrow, whichever you prefer – my Youtube channel is here, should you not already be subscribed. If you want to read more about what’s been going on in my little world (not much beauty stuff this week, hence this quite random post!) then there’s a post on my baby blog that’s just gone up – link below.

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