Sunday Tittle Tattle: Between the Sheets

bed linen

I’ve bought new bed linen. Because my Kelly Hoppen stuff from QVC was such a success (1000 thread count, brilliant white, no longer in stock) I thought I’d splash out again and go for top quality. The sort of sheets that make you think you’re in a swanky hotel, until you wake up in the middle of the night with a dog wrapped around the top of your head and a “lights and sounds!” bathtime turtle digging into the base of your spine.

I’ve bought the Luxury Hotel Collection linen from House of Fraser before (in fact I’m pretty sure I did a post about it) but that was when we had a massive bedroom and a superking bed. If we tried to shoehorn a superking into this bedroom we’d be using the headboard as a shoerack and storing clothes beneath the mattress! So now we need king size, which is a blessing in disguise as linen does work out a bit cheaper. Every cloud, and all that..

The 1000TC from Luxury Hotel Collection is ludicrously priced – £370 for a king sized duvet cover – but, fortunately and also suspiciously, always on sale. At the moment, for example, if you buy two or more pieces from the range you get 70% off, making the duvet cover £111.

(Christ on a bike! I told Mr AMR it was £60. Better keep that one quiet, I only just looked at the invoice properly!)

Anyway, it all came in (sheet, duvet, pillow cases) at about the same price as the Kelly Hoppen stuff and it definitely feels just as luxurious. It’s so heavy, in fact, that it’s almost too much for the warmer summer months. Even without any filling, the duvet cover is approximately the same weight as a collapsed four-man tent, and with stuffing, lying underneath it is like being slowly flattened inside a giant flower press.

Find the 1000TC linen here online – the discount only appears when you select more than one item.

alpha-h giveaway

On a completely different note, I have the winners of the Alpha-H giveaway for you, emails bastardised, as usual, to protect privacy. Well done to the victors – the rest of you can have another bite of the beauty prize cherry this week when I post up my next epic giveaway!

Jane (janemcavan), Cassandra (cassian1), Elle (raphvonwestarp), Emily (evm221), Jade (jade-woodstock), Christine (chrisgriffiths29), Melody (neelymelo805), Gisela (glimpsy1), Yingyi He (ringhyy), Dom (dazavedo), Lisa (lisa.wolf), Helene (helenelallemand), Celia (celia.bryanbrown), Mel (meleaton11), Simona (curo73), Amelia (ameliaharrington1), Chris (christine.butt), Bibi, Marissa (pronk1975), Clare (clarenettleship18).

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