Sunday Tittle Tattle: The Christmas Jumper Tree

christmas jumper tree decoration

1) I have been having great fun this week, putting together a “Christmas Decorating” advertorial for B&Q. You can see the video over on Youtube here, but just LOOK at these Christmas jumpers you can get to hang on your tree! They were a pound each! It’s a shame I don’t know a family of elves, because it would be a really cheap way to dress them. They have little hats and boots too. I could kit out an army of elves with what I put in my trolley…

kids wall decal stickers

2) I went a bit crazy buying stuff on Amazon over the last few weeks for my Gift Guides and also a book feature that I want to do pre-Christmas. But I went so spend-crazy that I lost track of what I was buying and what I was merely placing in my basket. On one particular morning I woke up to eighteen – EIGHTEEN – emails thanking me for my purchases. My heart was going like the clappers! Turns out I had been buying it all with that “one click” function on my iPhone and not saving it to the basket at all! I now have enough children’s wall stickers to cover the Tate Modern and enough hardback books to build a barricade around my house, should I ever feel the need to. Needless to say that the One-Click has been deactivated for the moment! The wall stickers are amazing though – have you ever seen these? You can peel off and stick on again and they are a great no-commitment way to decorate a kid’s room, or your own, if you like rockets and robots and stuff. Find them here. (You can also see them in the Affordable Gift Guide.)

dexter the cockapoo puppy

3) Dexter is home and I want to thank you all so much for your kind messages and emails, I was really touched! He’s on lots of medication but is doing well, so should be right as rain in a few days. Poor Mr Bear is having to get used to sharing the attention all over again.. He has spent most of the past few days lying on top of a hamper that arrived from Triumph (thank you Triumph!) and looking grumpy.

british shorthair

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