Sunday Tittle Tattle: Comfort Shoes and Plush Cats

solar sandals

I am so ridiculously tired this week. I won’t bore you with all of the details. But suffice to say that when I had an important event to attend on Thursday, I couldn’t even entertain the idea of standing in heels all day. For a start, I hadn’t worn high shoes in many, many months and even a couple of steps in my trusty LK Bennett courts felt as though I was dicing with death – it was like walking a tightrope with six inch nails strapped to my feet! But my extreme tiredness also meant that I didn’t trust myself to hold a baby and stay upright and hold conversations with people and so I opted to wear flats. Carvela’s “comfort” flats. I didn’t even know that Carvela did comfortable shoes, I thought they were all about ridiculously high heels and sexy snakeskin and all of that jazz. But no, they have a little selection of shoes and boots with bouncy, soft soles and uppers that don’t rub or cut into your skin. I bought the Solar Wedge Sandals (pictured above) which not only looked OK with my summer dress (I liked the nude suede straps and the glittery part across the top) but were also reduced to £39. Bonus. I have my eye on these boots for the winter, too.

Carvela Comfort

mr bear the british shorthair cat

Do excuse me for this very short and sweet post – it’s midnight and Baby AMR is asleep on the sofa next to me in her little baby sleeping bag thing and it is almost impossible to keep awake. I thought I’d give you a very gratuitous cat photo – Mr Bear doing what he does best. Posing. He’s so plush and lovely – only a matter of days, now, before he can come home. We just need carpets to go down in the house and – er – the electricity to go on, and we’ll be moving back in!

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