Sunday Tittle Tattle: My First Mother’s Day

mothers day post

Today is my first ever mother’s day. I really hope that the baby has organised something special, what with all of the free time she has! Ha. Joking aside, I can’t actually believe that it’s mother’s day and I’m a mum. I used to sit and daydream about what it would feel like and whether it would ever happen to me (it took ages and ages, you can read a bit about it here) and now here I am with the most incredible little human by my side. Each day I think that it wouldn’t be possible to love her any more than I do and then the next day I feel overwhelmed all over again. I’m surprised that my heart hasn’t burst!

It makes me look at mums with a fresh perspective; especially my own mum. I mean, if this is how I feel now, eight months in, what must it be like thirty-odd years down the line? I worry about the baby ever leaving my side – I wake up in a cold sweat sometimes when I’ve been having a particularly vivid little what-if session before bed – so how can mums possibly cope when their kids go to school, or set off hiking in Peru for a year or (ahem) decide to become a model and fly around the world on their own and not really tell anyone their whereabouts? It must be absolutely hellish.

mothers day post

So happy mother’s day; I feel incredibly lucky and extremely privileged to both be a mum and have a mum of my own and I try to remember to be grateful for every moment. If I can be even a fraction as good at mumming as my own mum is then I’ll be pretty content. (I think that “mumming” might actually be some sort of rudimentary pantomime acting, but – if it is – I’d like to be good at that too. You never know when you might be called upon to perform a mime. It pays to be prepared.)

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Anyway, soppy stuff over: I have to go and look at Malm chests on the IKEA website. My storage situation has gone beyond ridiculous – I’m keeping my knickers in the baby’s room and my vests are hanging in the bathroom cupboard!

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