Sunday Tittle Tattle: Hello From Ruth’s Mum

Prai Ageless Throat & Décolletage Cream Review

Good Morning, everyone, this is Ruth’s Mum speaking!!! Ruth has asked me just to do her Sunday Tittle Tattle Post and to keep it short (she’s quite bossy; she does know how circum-loquacious I am, and how etymologically absorbed I can be, and what is the difference between assumption and presumption anyway)!

She told me just to copy a text I wrote to her, after I had read all your comments on the Prai review, and I do try to do as I am told, although mostly I struggle, so here it is:
“What a lot of lovely, sensible followers you have!! I have read all their comments from Sunday Tittle Tattles to Ups and Downs and the last Prai one and I am quite overwhelmed by their advice and their insight and perspective on life. They give me so much hope!! There are wonderful people out there!! As a Mum it is really difficult for me to supply any useful support [on babies and birth] because things have changed so so much and I only have my own experiences which are so very different!! Could you send this text of thankyous to them all!! Aren’t Blogs great? You can feel so alone and isolated! Lots of love to them all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
Now this is a bit of a test for Ruth; she, like me, always remembers correct punctuation!!! [Ed: Mum, my punctuation is nothing like yours. Count the number of exclamation marks you use in one paragraph, it’s absurd. It’s like an exclamation mark disease.] I don’t bother in texts, because usually I am writing them whilst listening to my lovely husband reading extracts from Lord Salisbury on Conservatism, so I have to get them from the heart fast!!!! With no punctuation!!!! [Ed: you’re making up for it though, I see.] I think it comes from teaching thirty teen-agers all day, not that I used to text people under my desk!! Beginning to see why Ruth said to keep it short???? Hahaha!!! I tried Twitter once but 145 letters!!!! Mr Trump manages; what does that tell you??? Anyway enough of Trumpland!!!! We used to use the word Trump for ‘passing wind through one’s bottom’ and that about says it all for today!!! Sorry Ruth!!!
Ruth’s Mum xx
Ooh – and the winners of the Prai creams are, announced with name and/or part of email so you can tell it’s you: Jo (maggsje), Lisa Wolf, Laura (hopsonaishah), Carol (purchesandpurches), Ivana Medinica, Vikki (spudo812), Janet Cameron, Sarah Moule, Julie (jadoughty74), Jane McAvan, Sarah (cashmeremice), Gail (gailandlee9), Susannah (goldilox), Fionnuala (finlambe), Sinead Bradbury, Caroline (adenbow), Susan (sammoran), Katie (domestiphobia), Gisela (glimpsy1), Nicola (nleadbeater), Stephanie (vampireblood69), Jill Bailey, Mira (mborggreen), Ruth (ruthdave2000), Elaine (elainesmalone). Congratulations everyone, the brand will be in touch directly!

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