Sunday Tittle Tattle: Naughty Pets, Apple Laces and Jess from Homeland.

jessica from homeland

1) Mr AMR and I decided to give Homeland a go, as we’d exhausted pretty much all other TV shows on Netflix apart from the really rubbish ones. We were quickly hooked into the fast-paced story line and devoured two series in just under two weeks. Trivial fact: Jess, Nicholas Brody’s wife in the series, suddenly became my number one beauty inspiration. She’s just absolutely gorgeous! Those eyes! The lovely soft pouty mouth! She makes me want to have dark, short hair and…well…her face. Jessica is played by Morena Baccarin and I have been doing some subtle Google stalking: Morena and I are almost the same age! (She’s about a year and a half older.) Morena and I both…no. We have nothing else in common.

*UPDATE: I’m trying to find a picture that does her justice – she looks much better in Homeland than on Google! Anyway, tell me I’m not the only one who thinks she’s utterly gorgeous?

body shop glazed apple body butter

2) The Body Shop have released a new limited edition fragrance for (I’m assuming) Christmas and it reminds me of those green fizzy laces you used to be able to get from the sweet shop. I’m sure you can still get them in sweet shops, I just haven’t had the urge to eat a fizzy lace in a couple of decades. I used to love fizzy sour lances and laces and we all used to have bags of them to eat on the school bus home, but they used to give me the worst sores on my tongue! Anyway, I’m sure The Body Shop’s “Glazed Apple” won’t give you sores on anything, least of all your tongue, so slather away and enjoy. I have the body butter and it’s really quite moreish and a blessed relief from the usual orange ‘n cloves kind of scent you get landed with at Christmas… The Glazed Apple range is online here.

cream british shorthair cat

3) Naughty pets! They are not allowed on the bed, but sometimes they sneak on up there and settle in for the night as we potter about turning off lights and locking doors. It’s always a bit heartbreaking chucking them off.

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