Sunday Tittle Tattle: The Pregnancy Diaries

ruth crilly pregnant

After many weeks of writing-up I have finally caught up with my Pregnancy Diaries on The Uphill and am reporting “live” on all of my baby-growing joys and woes. Warning:

  1. sometimes there’s a little too much information
  2. you may form mental images of me that you can never fully erase
  3. I mention breasts quite often, bowel movements now and then and, very occasionally, I may talk about the private regions.

As with my last pregnancy, I didn’t announce this one until 20 weeks, which meant that I had to write my Pregnancy Diary notes in advance, ready to be typed up when the moment was right. Annoyingly, I wrote all of my thoughts and symptoms into my iPhone, but with no apparent rhyme or reason as to where I actually typed them, and so I have spent the last month or so laboriously sifting through pages of shopping lists and weird semi-formed short story ideas to find bits of diary to string together. It had been a masterclass in de-coding my own stream of consciousness.

“Prawns, Toothpaste, Loo Roll, Quiche, Chicken, Breasts aren’t aching much but my vagina does feel as though it’s going to prolapse, which is worrying, Birthday card for Rachael, Pay Jodi, Elephant Socks, Did I really feel this sick last time? Baby Yoghurts, Phone Pratik, Watch Happy Valley apparently it’s good, I am obsessed with the weather, What proportion of British people have the same first and last name, for example James James, or Peter Peters? Is it more common in Scotland but with a Mc added, eg Dougal McDougal? Donald McDonald? Bread (nice sliced), Good Tomatoes (FINEST!), No kicking yet but stomach bad.

Anyway, if you’re interested in reading my diaries then please do click here. I was supposed to be writing about avocados in this week’s Tittle Tattle, but I forgot to take the photo I wanted to take (me smashing an avocado with a giant mallet) and so you’ll have to wait until next week and make do with this rather half-arsed attempt to publicise my baby blog instead. HA!

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