Sunday Tittle Tattle: Really Missing This Chap.

cream british shorthair

1) I really, really miss this little chap. Look at his big round face! I just want to munch him. I’m so excited to think that in a couple of months he’ll be home – though I’m not sure that my parents will give him up very easily! I’m wondering how he’ll feel when he gets back to his “domain” and everything has completely changed… And there’ll be a brand new baby, too. I get the feeling he’s going to need lots of attention and a good place to hide away. On that note, why does nobody in the UK make attractive cat trees? They are all absolutely hideous! I don’t even like those expensive ones with the wicker baskets stuck to them. I want something that looks like a design classic – like furniture, except that it serves a higher purpose. Do let me know if you see any!

book review

2) I can highly recommend Lisa McInerney’s The Glorious Heresies; it’s one of the best books I’ve read in ages. I demolished it in just over a day. It’s quite seedy and dark – all about a series of events that unfold after a woman kills a man in Cork and then gets her gangster son to clean up the mess – but it’s also very funny and the characters reel you in and refuse to let go. If you’re faint-hearted and hate anything to do with dirty, depressing underworlds then this isn’t for you; if you think you’d enjoy a cross between an Irvine Welsh novel and the film The Guard, then order this now! The Glorious Heresies

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