Sunday Tittle Tattle: Slowing Down and Getting Nervous

baby bump 34 weeks

1) I’m on a bit of a go-slow for the next few weeks, mainly because the birth of Baby AMR is becoming rather imminent. I’ll be 35 weeks tomorrow and – I have to admit it – I am starting to feel just a bit large and cumbersome and my brain isn’t truly on form. I’m trying to still get a daily post out, but please do excuse me if they become slightly less frequent. I’d rather retain my stupendous level of quality (ha!) than just churn out daily bits of crap for the sake of it. If you ever find that there’s a bit of a gap over the summer, then do hunt me out over on my pregnancy/life-stuff blog, The Uphill, because it may be that I am neck-deep in dirty nappies and thrilling people with reports on all of that. But I must try and manage my time, for now, as I am getting nervous about being unprepared for the baby – I have all of my makeup organised into categories (new-in, waiting to be tested, destined for the charity box, etc) but I have no pram, car seat or baby clothes. Or nappies. Priorities, eh?!

mr bear the cream british shorthair cat

2) Here’s Mr Bear looking very stately on last week’s visit to my parents’ house. He ignored me for quite a while (I think it’ll take some time for him to forgive me, once we are all reunited) but decided to “play ball” when I showed him the new catnip treats I had brought along. Easily won over, these cats…

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