Sunday Tittle Tattle: Takeaways, Beauty Ingredients and Perfumed Baths

house renovation

I’m writing this post a few days in advance because – DRUMROLL! – this weekend I should be moving back into my house! I say should – who knows what might happen between now (Thursday) and the weekend. But the carpets have been laid, the water and electricity are back on and my bed (complete with television that rises from the end, don’t ask, Mr AMR’s insistence) is set up and ready to be slept in. So long as the mattress arrives on time. I can’t even tell you what an enormous relief it will be to finally step through the front door and throw my bag down messily in the hallway. (I’ve put that bit to wind up Mr AMR in case he’s reading. Of course in reality I am going to be so tidy from this moment on. Of course.) Once I’m in there will be lots of interiors and renovations posts for those who are interested – those who aren’t can by all means skip them and stick with the beauty. Watch this space.

caroline hirons ingredients labels

I forgot to mention when this it first published, but if you are into knowing more about how your beauty products are formulated, then skincare guru Caroline Hirons has written a very quick and easy guide. She talks about how to read ingredients lists and spot the good and the – potentially – not so good. You can find the page on her website here. I thought that it was very enlightening and useful.

thai beef salad

Talking about good and bad ingredients: whilst living in Hertford (temporary accommodation number five, very kindly provided by my amazing cousin Anna!) I found a couple of really great takeaway places. Mr AMR and I have been eating a terrible diet for the past few months, partly because we are always on the move but mainly because we have become incredibly lazy.

So, so lazy.

Anyway, if you’re after a good curry place in Hertford (I realise that this information has very limited appeal to many of you, sorry!) then the Ruby is great, and if you fancy Thai then I can’t say enough good things about Baan Thitiya. Everything is so fresh and nicely cooked and the spicy beef salad is a thing of utter glory. If only all takeaway food was as good as this – unfortunately, during our little “time out” from healthy eating, there have been far more dinner disasters than successes. One meal in particular, from a Chinese takeaway in Saffron Walden, was virtually inedible. So. Hurrah for the good ones – keep up the tasty work!

floris macmillan

A luxury bath buy that sees a £35 donation go to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity, Floris’ Rose Geranium bath essence is a double-win kind of situation. These weeny little bottles of bath fragrance are incredibly posh – you only need one or two drops and the whole bathroom is left beautifully fragranced. (My Mum has the White Rose one. Or had. I used most of it when I stayed at her house for a month! Ssh.) If you’re after an alternative to the aromatherapy oils and just want some luxurious scent then this is the stuff to go for. The Floris website is here.

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