Sunday Tittle Tattle: The Return of The Bear

british shorthair cat

He’s back! Yes, your favourite four-legged furry friend, Mr Bear the cat, has returned to Maison AMR. He’s currently lying in his travel cage, for some unknown reason (probably to get some peace and quiet) but has generally settled back in very well. I was worried that he might not take too kindly to being thrown in at the deep end, reacquainting himself with the dog and also getting used to a new baby, but he is happy as Larry. Climbing all over the work surfaces (how on Earth do you stop cats doing that? Has anyone ever worked out a way of getting cats to do something they don’t want to do, or stop doing something they do want to do? I’d forgotten how stubbornly single-minded cats were after seven months with the far more pliable and obedient dog!) and trying to get into the tumble dryer, freezer, bottom pan shelf and linen basket, listed in no particular order. But it’s lovely to have him home, even if he does insist on clawing his way up my shins every morning.

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