Sunday Tittle Tattle: This Is How I Roll

blogging with baby

1) This is how I roll, at the moment: working from a tiny laptop, because I’m living at my parents’ and don’t have my big computer; baby permanently feeding, so I have to type with one finger on whichever hand is free; cat in a box in front of me, watching my every move with a disdainful expression.

cream british shorthair

Nothing new about the cat situation, he’s always been a fixture in my work-life, but the baby attached to me like a limpet is novel! I’m trying to get back into the swing of things – I’ve been writing updates over on my baby blog, too, so do have a read of those if you’re interested – but I’m still not at the stage where I can respond to every comment. Sorry. I read them all though, and am so pleased when new ones pop up, so thank you!

mrs todd candles

2) My friend Kim, of Mrs Todd’s candles, has developed two new scents to join her existing line of gorgeous, handmade candles.  You can read about her original scents here – the new candles are Tuberose and Citrus and Walled Garden. Both are beautiful and are scenting my Mum’s entire first floor – and they’re still unlit, in the boxes! You can contact Kim through her Instagram if you want to order, to smell the scents before you buy or to get more info.

3) Sofa bed advice, please. They are notoriously crap and uncomfortable: has anyone found a good one? With a comfy mattress and sturdy construction? But that looks classy and cool? It’s just for (very) occasional use, but I want it to be the kind that people don’t dread having to sleep on!

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