Sunday Tittle Tattle: Tired Eyes and Kissy-Face Lips

ysl kiss and love lipstick

I know that this lipstick has been Instagrammed to death recently, but it is a bit of a gem. The YSL Kiss & Love lipstick in Le Orange is the most brilliantly bright shade for winter and the bullet is embossed with lip motifs. So you might not even want to use it, but the option’s there… Personally I’ve adopted a “life’s too short” policy when it comes to makeup special editions and have cracked open quite a few gorgeous palettes recently. The first brushstroke is the hardest, but after that it’s easy to get stuck in and mess things up! Anyway, the Kiss & Love lipsticks are out in a week or so – I’ll photograph this one and the nude for you, they’re true classics.

luxury eye creams

I found this photo just after I’d posted my Space NK post on Friday; a brilliant eye cream that was a suggestion for “things to try”. I’ve mentioned the Eye Elixir before, but it definitely deserves a bit of consideration if you’re wondering what to buy to get your £15 off! The Eye Elixir from Elemental Herbology has quite a lightweight feel but is one of the richest eye creams I’ve used and the effects are really long-lasting. It’s here at Space NK. Excellent for tired, overworked eyes – soothing, smoothing, I have it in my makeup bag that’s tucked into the bottom of Baby AMR’s bedside crib! You can get £15 off if you spend £60 at Space NK until midnight tonight – the code is AMR15.

Space NK

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