Sunday Tittle Tattle: Trying to Focus

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It’s almost entirely impossible to focus when you have a three month-old baby. Because it’s the first (I personally think) of the properly cute stages, when babies start to gurgle at you and try to grab things and generally flop about looking gorgeous.

Ted is like a little warm bundle of baby smells and baby noises – it’s so distracting. It’s making me feel broody, and I have to keep reminding myself that I already have the thing I’m getting broody over! To get any proper work done I quite literally have to put distance between us – him in one room, me in another – otherwise I just sit there staring at him.

Which is no bad thing, and you should cherish every moment, etc etc, but a girl still has to pay the bills. (Also: I think I’d go completely mad if I didn’t have some sort of creative outlet that didn’t involve reading Peppa Pig books to a toddler. It’s easy to get sucked into a vortex of daytime kids’ tv and communicating via farm animal noises and, before you know it, you’re calling your husband “daddy” and declaring to the world that you need to “go poo poo” before you make a trip to the toilet.)

Anyway, I’m off to stare at the baby and edit makeup video footage at the same time – it’s basically the work equivalent of wearing bifocal spectacles. I tilt my head up to watch the baby on his mat, tilt it down ever so slightly to look at my laptop screen. If only our eyes could point in different directions and watch two separate things at once!

My “Mum and Baby” posts are over on The Uphill, if you’re interested in that side of my life…

PS: can all of my fellow Tom Hardy admirers just take a moment to appreciate this news story – and also to wonder at how the BBC managed to find for their article what surely must be the only unsexy picture of Hardy in existence?

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