Sunday Tittle Tattle: You Know You Want To…

IMG_0209This week has mainly been spent bumbling about with eyeliners, trying to create the quickest and most foolproof smoky eye. (See photo above.) I’ve almost got it down (it’s probably the same technique that everyone else has been using for years and I’m simply late to the party!) but I shall post my findings when I’ve taken the necessary step-by-step photos. Watch this space.

The other part of the week (and I’m ignoring the fact, here, that 98.9% of my week is taken up with caring for a baby, because it would be very dull describing that in detail!) has been spent compiling my super-duper Winter Newsletter, which goes out this Friday. It’s going to be jam-packed with the most amazing beauty giveaways and special offers that will only be available to newsletter subscribers, so if you’re not already signed up to the newsletter mailing list then please click here. Go on, you know you want to! There might even be a little Mr Bear Bonus picture in there for you…

smokey eye

Here he is inside the top part of the pram, which I very unwisely left on the floor when the pram wheels were too dirty to bring into the house. Mr Bear now thinks that this bassinet thing is definitely his den, so it’s a good job we’ll be soon moving onto the pushchair attachment!

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